Dane has made contact with award winning American architect Adam Kalkin after seeing his successful building design for the New Jerusalem Children’s Home in Johannesburg, South Africa. The idea is to design a simple studio building or supporting connecting structure using containers to fit around a dance floor with additional units for office and change room facilities. Adam has expressed a keen interest in working on the project; his buildings are on a grand scale, artistically vibrant and a perfect fit for the housing of a living and breathing creative arts facility. The initial aim is to create a vibrant and accessible space with one or two small dance studios, allowing the possibility for the simultaneous tuition of different creative practices as well as having a larger open space purely dedicated to the creation  of new artistic content for performance and exhibition.

'12 Container House' by Adam Kalkin. Industrial Zombie, LLC. Photo Credit: Peter Aaron/Esto.


Since winning the Critic’s Circle Best Male dancer of the year award in January 2014, Dane publicly announced his vision to set up a dance facility in Port Elizabeth and decided to embark on the creation of a space for dance where creative arts professionals and students can go to work, study, create, perform and collaborate. This dream was sparked by attending an inspirational fundraising event, hosted by the Ubuntu Education Fund in London where the central question posed was: ‘Should your birthplace determine your future?’ Consequently, Dane seized the opportunity to purchase a used Harlequin dance floor belonging to Rambert, Britain’s oldest dance company. The floor was destined for the rubbish bin before the company’s historic move to a brand new purpose built space on London’s South Bank. The idea was to transport the used dance floor to South Africa with the aim of creating a dance studio and performance space using shipping containers. This dance floor has now arrived in Port Elizabeth and you can follow the journey it has made by listening to 'The Sprung Floor' a BBC Radio 4 documentary presented by Dane in collaboration with writer/director Frances Byrnes and Rockethouse Productions. 

Studio photos by Tom Rowland