Our Vision

Moving Assembly Project is a registered UK Charity  founded by Artistic Director Dane Hurst in 2016. Our slogan, ‘movement beyond borders, captures the essence of what lies at the heart of MAP. 


We use the arts to create opportunities and bring people together: across borders, ethnicity, sexual orientation and economics. We use the creation of dance, photography, spoken word and film to inspire young people and artists from areas of socio-economic hardship to develop and prosper; addressing inequality of opportunity enabling them to expand their skills set and move beyond their circumstances and geography. We provide an artistic voice to young people and artists from challenging backgrounds share their passion and cultural narratives with the rest of the world through performance, exhibition and film. Find out more about our work.

our mission

MAP is driven by the vital need to uplift, inspire and transform lives through creating, sharing and celebrating cross-cultural art forms belonging to a shared human identity and cultural heritage. Inspired by the story of mentorship and exchange experienced by founder Dane Hurst, who carved a successful artistic career in the UK after receiving a scholarship in South Africa set up by Nelson Mandela and Anya Sainsbury; our mission is to reach beyond borders in a sharing of creative talent and professional expertise, working in collaboration with people from marginalised communities.


Our mission is to utilise art to harness positive energy, tapping into a collective understanding of the creative ability of humanity; to unlock this creative force, using it to inspire, empower and transform. MAP offers vibrant outreach programmes, exhibitions and performances in the UK and geographic areas of high inequality, primarily South Africa, providing a platform for cultural engagement and diverse expression, expanding the skills set of students and artistic collaborators alike.


MAP projects


MAP employs a team of highly skilled, practicing Performance Art professionals to deliver dance and choreography workshops to vulnerable youth in disadvantaged areas of the world. Our team also provide vital mentor support to students in addition to collaborating with local artists to create unique, cross cultural performances.  


MAP has teamed up with celebrated South African Photographer, Karl Schoemaker, who is our official project photographer. In 2017 we have delivered our first Photography workshops with Karl lecturing on and delivering workshops on how to capture the nuances of life through the lens. 



MAP are proud to have initiated its first student exchange between South African and UK students in 2018. This exchange is to continue the cycle of investment started by Nelson Mandela and Anya Sainsbury in the 90's and aims to create a cross-cultural, bridge between UK and SA 




We could not carry out the work we do without the support of individuals, foundations, partners and sponsors. Our charitable objectives are:

  • To advance education for the public benefit by the promotion of the arts, in particular, but not exclusively the art of dance.
  • The provision of education and training opportunities in the art of dance in particular, but not exclusively, in geographical areas of human poverty or acute income inequality.
  • To advance the education of young people and emerging practitioners by providing and assisting in the provision of facilities to further their dance training and artistic practice.
  • To promote open dialogue between diverse cultures through collaborative artistic practice. 


If you are interested in supporting MAP you can make a donation via direct debit or by clicking on the donate button below.


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