Often working with memory and history, FLATFOOT has developed a unique identity as a Contemporary South African Dance Company that is known to offer politically and socially charged dance theatre work. Working from a contemporary based training that includes, Graham, Hawkins and Release Technique, the company also does ballet class once a week and has a strong pull from the traditional African dance forms that are located in

KwaZulu-Natal. Unique to FLATFOOT is the ability of the resident professional dancers to traverse both an African traditional dance idiom and then step into strong contemporary technique and performance. FLATFOOT DANCE COMPANY has been extremely pro-active in generating community based dance projects and programmes in both rural and urban areas of KZN. In February 2003 FLATFOOT set up its first dance development project in KwaMashu called SIYAGIJIMA. This project ran at the Sports Hall in KwaMashu and offered dance classes three afternoons a week – in its first year the classes attracted over 130 young aspirant dancers. The age group of participants has ranged from 6 – 23years.  Dane was introduced to Artistic Director Lliane Loots by Mark Hawkins, director of MIDM and was warmly welcomed to Durban and invited to teach a mixed 3hr dance class and movement workshop session to members of the company including students from the ADD Flatfoot programme, who make up a group of talented students coming through township and development programmes. MAP are in communication with FLATFOOT for collaboration in 2017.


“We loved the class with Mr. Dane – he dances like water and never got cross with us if we did not get the steps the first time!” “Mr. Dane is like a poem and I hope one day I can dance like him. I like him to come back to us” (ADD Flatfoot student) 

“Dane is very fit! He never stopped moving with us for even one second and was not shy to show us things again and again – I like this in a teacher” (ADD Flatfoot student)

I liked mostly the second part of the class where we did contact work and I had the chance to dance with Dane – he is very strong but he helps you so you feel strong with

him too” (ADD Flatfoot student)


Photos by  Sifiso Kyumalo - www.flatfootdancecompany.webs.com