MAP have started a #mapdanceaday series to stay active and inspire our dance students and supporters during this APRIL/MAY lockdown period. We will be posting a dance video everyday until the end of lockdown and invite you to share your home-dance films with us during this time. All of the films will be edited together to create one final film #BEYONDBORDERS as a symbol of celebration at the end of the lockdown. 


We have so far received a great response from our friends around the world who have been sending us their dance films. Our Artistic Director, Dane Hurst has created daily, short-dance videos and on our MAP Facebook page we've shared dance videos from Kigali - Rwanda, Austria, Cape Town,Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and Durban - South Africa, England and Ireland - United Kingdom and Turkey. If you have made a dance film at home during this time then WE INVITE YOU to send and share your films with us, we will add it to the final film #BEYONDBORDERS and will give you a shout-out on our social media pages on Facebook and Instagram. The film will be created by all of us so will belong to all of us. We will share the final edited film with you to keep and share with your friends and family. Here is a link to the freedom song if you'd like to send us a video. FREEDOM: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grKRlaM363M 


Share you video via messenger or email to:  dane@movingassemblyproject.org Follow us on our Facebook page to see all the films:  https://www.facebook.com/movingassemblyproject/  | #mapdanceaday #danceaday #staysafe #beyondborders